Tuesday, March 7, 2006

Say It Ain't So...

     It's the end of the world.  I know it is.  There's something tremendously askew with the universe when I wake up in the morning and check my mail and find this:

AOL News - Yanni Arrested in Florida in Alleged Domestic Dispute

     Indeed, friends.  These are certainly dark times.  What's next?  Will John Tesh rob a bank? 



  1. No, hon...the world isn't coming to an end.  But please, too, don't let John Tesh rob a bank!  He's got the best voice! <so sexy>  lol
    Have a good day!

  2. Hi, nice to meet you.  "THE" Mrs. L. sent me over here...love her.  wEll, I know I HAVE to visit again...you started this on my birthday.  Welcome! ;)  C.  http://journals.aol.com/gdireneoe/thedailies

  3. Ha ha ha ha.....whew.....I saw that and thought the same thing.  


  4. About the only interesting thing about all this is we learn that YANNI is his middle name.  Did you see the police photo?  Mr. Graybeard. N -i-i-i-i-i-i-ice.  Mrs. L

  5. Yeah.  That police photo was pretty un-Yanni-like, wasn't it?  Still, I wanted to see his mug-shot turn out like Nick Nolte's.  

    I'm telling ya....  Keep an eye on John Tesh and Kenny G.  These guys are a pretty rough crowd.  They may bust Yanni out of jail and disguise themselves as the next Kingston Trio.  

  6. When I 1st heard about this I thought Yanni had hit Linda Evans..who could probably beat the piss out of him from all her cat-fight training on Dynasty. Yeah, I would really like to see some woman yank the Yanni hairs til he crys like a baby.