Thursday, March 23, 2006

Damn the Man!

    Zounds!  It would seem I've broken several obscure laws in my great state of Wisconsin --where margarine was once illegal (yeehaa!  I hate margarine).

    Aside from that, I can't wait until Paul Cameron finds out: "In Wisconsin you are allowed to marry your house." 

    So, go to - Dumb Laws  and see just how guilty you are in your own state.  And, as for me, I'm going to do my best not to wake any sleeping firemen, or eat any apple-pie sans cheese. 




  1. my grandmother always said, "apple pie without the cheese is like a kiss without a squeeze!"  it should be illegal to eat apple pie sans cheese everywhere.  people don't know what they are missing.

  2. I may or may not have tossed a dwarf in Illinois ... they'll never catch me.

  3. I've never heard of eating apple pie with cheese, or driving in your house coat is california illegal.  Damn.. I am so the criminal now!  It feels good!  Julie :)

  4. I love living in a state where it's illegal to pump your own gas. As for the rest of the laws well, break as many as you like. The new New Jersey state slogan is "Come on Vacation, Leave on Probation!"

  5. Apple pie and cheese? Really?
    Is this a Wisconsin thing or can any of the other states join in?
    I live in WV - you can eat anything you hit with your car - with or without the cheese....

  6. Geez..... now I gotta go out and get a hunting license before I can reset those mouse traps.  Ignorance was bliss.   Tina

  7. woooozeers!
    no wonder so many cheese eaters abound ! (er..what?!!!)

  8. I live in California, where 'ugly' is prohibited.  Or, rather, ugly-out-in-the-open is.  But seeing as how ugly is subjective, I wonder what happens when two cops are riding together, and they disagree on ugly.  Do they call for backup?  Just wondering ....   Tina