Thursday, March 16, 2006


    I think I've had enough of this winter thing.   I've not seen the sun in so long, I think I've got moss growing on the back of my neck.  However, the good news is that me and my mossy-green neck will fit right in with tomorrow's St. Patrick's Day parties (See?  I'm always looking on the bright side, ya know?).

    The thing is, I really wish we had a volcano to throw things into somewhere here in Wisconsin.  The gods are angry, and I really would like to be able to appease them.  I mean, I know someone's going to come up to me today and say, "this weather sucks."
    And, when that happens, I want to be able to say, "Don't blame me, man.  I went to the volcano and tossed in three chickens, a bull-moose and the last remaining virgin in the greater Milwaukee metropolitan area.  If the gods are still unhappy, it's probably because of something YOU did, you unwashed heathen." 
    Anyway, if you look closely into that great gray smudge, you may see me standing in the yard.  I'll be the naked guy with the red bucket on his head who's cackling like a lunatic and swatting snowflakes with a tennis racquet.  Should make for an interesting afternoon. 
See ya,


  1. We're right there with ya!  The clear hole that has been over Chicago all morning while everyone else was getting snow has finally closed.  So now we get to join in the fun!


  2. wuss!

    seriously?  this is the best snow we've had ALL WINTER...and you're gonna complain about it?  i'm going sledding.  woooooohooooo!

    okay, i'm not really going sledding because that would interrupt my perfect afternoon of back to back to back judge shows for like 6 hours, and why would someone want to mess with something so perfect?

    cheer's a holiday weekend!


  3. You know Dan, being that tomorrow is St. Paddy's Day, if you did stand on your front lawn naked, with a red bucket on your head wacking snowflakes, I'm guessing you would not be alone or be noticed. Oh, did the moss only grow on the north side of your neck?
    Go stand in the lighting section of Home Depot, I swear it makes me feel better.

  4. Oh my, the gods must be angry the numbers on your odometer just disappeared. Or maybe I broke it. sorry..

  5. Hahaha...  Yeah.  My odometer is on its last legs, methinks.  

  6. heyhey I like that "toss it allin the volcano" Mayan...
    hey and yeah it could even become Jamacian..:):)..'cuz yeah, you know, we've got this worldly "do it for the world"vibe, then; the's oh so "donate yur kidneys" 90s sortof', and the red bucket, u know..those island peopel who worship the roosters ..:0wink..:) yeah should really send a copy of this to Moponsett for costfire analysis wink


  7. I think if I squint I can see you from MY backyard.  Instead of a volcano we could just burn newspapers in the Weber.  Mrs. L