Thursday, March 9, 2006

Hey, Joe Six-Pack...

Joe Wants a Six-Pack
    Well, it seems, in his blog, Magic Smoke, Journal Editor Joe is desperately looking for new and exciting blogs or journals to read (when his bosses aren't looking; unless, they put him up to this, and if that's the case, are you folks hiring over there at AOL, Joe?), and he's called out for people to come up with six journals or blogs for him to scour for delightful, bloggy goodiness.  
    Why?  Well...  I'm not sure.  However, I think after enough six-packs, I'm pretty certain he'll hand over the keys to his car and explain it all to us. 
    Anyway, Joe, here's your six-pack.  Cheers, mate!
  •   This is a fellow midwesterner who's recently made the move from Minnesota to sunny Los Angeles in persuit of fortune, fame and eternal glory, but right now, he'll just settle for any ol' job.  Sometimes crude but always funny with a definite gift for finding the irony of life. 
  • Mrs. Linklater's Guide to the Universe:    Not only is she a very good writer, this delightful Mrs. L. has a HUGE collection of favorites to randomly pluck from time to to time in search of just about anything.  It reminds me of being a kid again and poking around my brother's collection of LP's (some people call them albums.  Philistines!).
  • Jenn's World:    What can I say about Jenn?   She's witty, acerbic, and flat-out hillarious.  Her observations of the world around her are written in such a brilliant, fast-paced style that, like life itself, if you blink, you may miss it. 
  • In The Shadow Of The Iris:    I found this one by a fluke recently, but after one quick read, it's clear that this journal contains much more than simple words upon a page.  Read this one, and you'll understand why writers write.       
  • Involuntary Motion:    Another one that's very new to me, but it's quickly become something of a real thrill to read. 
  •    Really?  Honestly?  All I can say is this is a blog from a waiter.  However, waiters definitely do have some pretty great stories to tell.  Personally, I think I'm the guy at Table 22.  Where are you sitting? 
    Well, that's your six-pack of picks.  Some are foreign, some are domestic, but I hope all are worth a taste.


  1. euh.. wowie Dan! that's a lot! thanks !

  2. Thang kew.  Mrs. L

  3. Aww shucks pookie bear! Thanks!

  4. pookie ber? looks around for a bear.. Jenn's journal is fun Dan! thanks! nat

  5. Thank you for including me amoung such great journals! I really do appreciate it. Flukes can be such a good thing sometimes, otherwise, without your fluke, I wouldn't have known about your journal out here in this expance of internet space.
    Wishing you well and thank you again~

  6. I missed the deadline, but check it out, you pretty much did it for me.  I picked yours, Shadow of the Iris, Involuntary Motion...  You have good taste!
    (If you haven't already read Poetic Justice, take a peek, I think you might appreciate it)

  7. Wonderful picks !