Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Frustration of the Uninspired...

    Windless upon a once vast Sargasso of an infinite imagination.
     The horizon seems to shink with an encroaching storm whose angst-ridden mutinous murmurs of thoughts and notions seem undeserving of the words to place them upon this world. 
    Within my hold, a once precious cargo turns worthless, rotting into a meaningless black mass beneath the planks of an imovable deck now buckling beneath the blistering, dessicating sun. 
    No waves or wind to push. 
    Not a beat of a breath to catch the sails and nudge this battered boat closer to the harbor of its home. 
    Simply stuck in a mere tangle of weeds and time. 


  1. well this was depressing. In a poetic kinda way.  Mrs. L

  2. I'm so sorry you are blue today.
    I do enjoy your journal and hope the sun shines down on you today..
    Be Still and find Peace.
    I'll pray for you....

  3. Dan, what are you trying to write that has your nuts so in a twist?

  4. Well, I am not exactly suffering from a case of twisted nuts.  I'm just sort of feeling somewhat ho-hum when it comes to inspiration.  I've got a load of ideas all suddenly flopping around in my head, and it's a little hard to focus on a single one.  It's kind of like cooking and throwing all your ingredients in at the same time.  

  5. Well then,       I'm glad you are better, shall I keep praying?

  6. Well, you're welcome to keep praying for me if you wish.  I mean, there is that whole twisted-nut syndrome that I'm trying to deal with apparently.  

  7. Well I'm not really interested in your twisted nuts
    but do have a good day!   : )

  8. awwwwwwwwwww...~~~~~~~~~Shhhhssshhhh....~~~~the wind ~~~
    over the waves~~~nat