Saturday, March 11, 2006

Help me!!!

"I'm scared of God's judgment on man in this fallen world. most people forget about God"
--Comment from rayg257 - 3/10/06 8:22 PM

    Now, I don't know if y'all caught this comment in my "Things That Scare Me" entry, but for a while now today, I've been contemplating this statement.  It's puzzling.

     I simply don't understand why or how someone could fear something that, by its very definition is benevolent, and therefore, all good. 

     On top of that, I hardly think this world has "fallen."  In fact, I think in the overall arena of "sin," we're better off today than we were in the days when humanity burned supposed witches and heretics at the stake  --unless, of course, you think The Inquisition was actually a "good" thing.



  1. If you ask me, after reading that comment I would be afraid.  I would be very afraid.  Mrs. L

  2. Remember, we're talking about a guy who routinely sends fire and brimstone down upon whole cities on a whim. This is a guy who once murdered every single living thing on the face of the Earth except for what could fit on one little boat. Why? Apparently, because we'd been bad. This is guy whose laws include punishments such as execution for the crime of...being rude to your parents. Raygun257magnum's got it right. You don't wanna mess with this guy.

  3. Cool...  So, I can finally grab my sack of boulders and hit the mall to stone to death all the women I see wearing jeans?  

  4. It has often been said that anything may be proved from the Bible; but before anything can be admitted as proved by the Bible, the Bible itself must be proved to be true; for if the Bible be not true, or the truth of it be doubtful, it ceases to have authority, and cannot be admitted as proof of anything.

    Thomas Paine

    OK, we'll see if God strikes me dead for leaving that quote. And no Dan, you can't stone woman in jeans, because I SAID SO.

  5. Dear Dan,
    Hi! The guy that worried me is that guy who hates gays from Kansas. Have you heard about him?HE tries to intimidate churches who have gays allowed! He tries to hurt he feelings of veteran families by holding uphate signs at theri funerals! sheesh..natalie

  6. Of all the things in life, I fear God the least.
    I do not believe that all things happen because of God's will, and therefore God is not to blame for all the bad that befalls upon the earth.  Most of that is our own doing.  It is human actions that I fear the most.  Spiders are a close second.