Friday, October 26, 2007

[The Wisdom of a Distracted Mind] Some Things Never Change...

After checking out my past life on the "Past Life Analysis" web-gizmo, what can I say? I'm a slave to repetition, I guess.

Your past life diagnosis:

I don't know how you feel about it, but you were male in your last earthly incarnation.You were born somewhere in the territory of modern North India around the year 1150. Your profession was that of a writer, dramatist or organiser of rituals.

Your brief psychological profile in your past life:
You had the mind of a scientist, always seeking new explanations. Your environment often misunderstood you, but respected your knowledge.

The lesson that your last past life brought to your present incarnation:
Your lesson is to study, to practice and to use the wisdom that lies within the psychological sciences and in ancient manuscripts. With strong faith and hard work you will reach your real destiny in your present life.

Do you remember now?

That's kind of funny and weird, I suppose. Of course, one of these trips, I am so totally going to be a bank robber. I desperately need to mix some things up, dammit.


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  1. I somehow don't mix you up with Butch Cassidy or the Sundance Kid, but hey, maybe you can dress up as one of them for Halloween:)