Monday, October 29, 2007

[The Wisdom of a Distracted Mind] Hello Monday...

I don't like Mondays.

Now, granted, I have no real reason to dislike this particular day, so I'm going to say that I am probably, most-likely, a spineless slave to peer pressure. After all, everyone else hates Mondays, so why can't I?

Aside from that, the day started off great. First, I was yanked out of a peaceful, happy slumber by a very weird, "April Fresh" aroma. I couldn't quite wrap my nose around the smell until I heard the tell-tale "Grrrrupp" of DogCat that is loosely translated into human-speak to mean "Good Morning, human! I'm going to sleep on your face, and I apologize beforehand if I should smother you while I sleep."

Yes. Fall is on the way, and I can easily determine the night's weather by whatever scent my cat drags in every morning. For example, if he smells of cat and nothing else, I know it wasn't too bad and he probably spent the night hanging out beneath his favorite tree. If he smells like motor-oil, he spent the night in the neighbor's garage because it was probably raining. And, if he comes in smelling like a pile of clean, freshly washed laundry, I know that it was a little chilly outside, and he spent the night sleeping beneath the dryer vent of the neighbor's house two doors down.

Needless to say, it was the latter of those three, and I spent much of my early morning hours wrestling with a massive, absolutely soft and static free bundle of fur with very sharp claws and teeth. I'd say it was nice, but it really wasn't. It doesn't really matter how dandy he smells once he starts gnawing and slobbering on my fingers. And, of course, it's usually best to let him chew on them until he starts snoring because if I try to hide them anywhere, he will find them and make the sneaky digits pay dearly.

So, that was my Monday morning. After that, things began to improve. And, I'm sure tomorrow, I'll be yanked from yet another peaceful sleep, but at least it won't be Monday.


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  1. Now I have the song, "I don't like Mondays, I'm gonna shoooooooot the whole day down......"

    Eh, it's late October.  Who wants April Fresh?

  2. I HATE, this time of year!