Monday, October 29, 2007

[The Wisdom of a Distracted Mind] I Just Have to Share...

So, I am sitting here wondering why those really screechy people on this nation's political Right are so blisteringly dense and dim, and thankfully, they seem to have answered that for me with their rather astonishingly telling list of The Ten Most Dangerous Organizations in America.

Please do contain your laughter because (ahem) these people are very serious about this sort of thing, and I'm certain they put a lot of thought and effort into it. After all, would you laugh at a toddler if he or she hands you a picture of a blue "duck" with a yellow "sky" and an orange "river?"

Of course you wouldn't. You'd give that beaming child a pat on the head and keep your laughter to yourself while he or she wobbles off to put things in their mouth.

Anyway, here's the list of America's big hairy, scary:

10) ThinkProgress

9) Muslim Student Association

8) CodePINK

7) American Civil Liberties Union, National

6) Family Research Council

5) Center for American Progress

4) League of the South


2) Universities and Colleges

1) Media Matters for America

Now, do you notice #2?

Doesn't that answer just about every question you had concerning how and why Bush supporters can exist? They're "anti-college," and they seem to make a whole heap of noise bashing institutions of higher learning in a feeble attempt to make themselves look perhaps a little smarter.

Aside from that, I'm surprised to see the Family Research Council and the League of the South on the list. They don't get much further Right than those two maniacal institutions of neo-conservative zealotry. Do I think they are dangerous, though?

Not at all. Then again, I don't think anyone on this list is particularly dangerous.

However, I think they were added to this list to make the good little fascists nazis assholes people citizens who put this silly thing together look "fair and balanced." It's as if they are saying "See? We're not just attacking the typical Liberal institutions that we always attack. We're also taking out a few of our party's big supporters. We need to mix it up, yanno?"

Seriously, though. If you are afraid of any group on that list or see them as a threat in any way whatsoever, I strongly suggest you seek professional help as soon as possible. Your paranoia can be helped with proper medication and therapy.

Then again, I do like laughing at the crazy people.


(Thanks to the Guerilla Women)

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  1. I think you lot are going backwards, not forwards!