Saturday, October 4, 2008

[The Wisdom of a Distracted Mind] Eeeek!

Oh yeah...

It's October, and I'm going to scare you all freakin' month.

Are you scared?


You should be. I mean, for all you know, there's a big, hairy spider, just like this one, crawling up the back of your chair. Or, maybe he's hanging out in your shoes?

One thing that I think it pretty awesome about this spider picture is that, if you look at the center of the spider's head, you can see what looks like The Joker from the old Batman series (or, maybe it's Mr. Heat Miser). You might need to click on the picture and head over to the large or original sizes to check it out. But, that might scare you too much... Yes. I vant to scare you! Ah-ha-ha-haaaa!


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  1. Is that thing as big as it looks ~ I hate spiders even thouse little diddy ones ~ you sure did scare me ~ the thought of one crawling up my back made me shudder
    :o ( ~  (are you preparing for Halloween :o)  ~ Ally x