Wednesday, April 25, 2007

What to Write... Hmm...

I'm a brain-dead monkey.

    I'm kind of at a blank today as far as things to scribble about in this little online journal thingy I have here. 

    Today is one of those ridiculously quiet days so far.  I say so far simply because in my life, there's always a good chance that all hell could break loose at any given moment.  For example, the phone could ring...  And, if I'm foolish enough to answer it, I may find my brother on the other end. 
    "I need to borrow your super-cool new mop."  He may say.
    "Why?"  I would respond.  "Your basement doesn't leak."
    "Yeah," he will say.  "But my garage is filthy."
    "Oh.  But, my basement is leaking because it's raining out, and I need it."
    "Fine!"  He will say.  "By the way, do you have any limes?"

    This is my oldest brother --The Number One Son.  He does very odd things from time to time.  For example, he's dropped by my house on his way to the grocery store to swipe a lime out of my fridge.  And, he's also come over to swipe a handful of washers or nails or screws on his way to the hardware store. 

    It's really puzzling.  I mean, what happens if he goes to the pet store?  Will he drop by and steal my cat?  Where does the madness end?  How do I draw the line and say "Ya know?  I'm pretty sure they sell limes at the grocery store, man." 

    In other news, Scalzi's out on a book tour.  Yeah...  It's THAT John Scalzi --AOL's very own "Blogfather."  The poor guy is dragging himself around the nation to plug his latest book in the Old Man's War series: The Last Colony.  You should all go check him out in a town near you.  I plan on catching up with the Grand Scalzification Tour when he gets to Milwaukee on May 4th.  I've also promised myself that I won't heckle him, but I will admit, it will be nice to finally meet the three-dimensional version of the guy.

    So, if you do go see him, bring friends.  Me?  I have no friends; so, I'm bringing a stable of lawyers and prostitutes.  It should be a fun time.

    Well, that's about it for today so far...  It's cold and damp here, and I'm afraid it's settling into my bones and creating some obnoxious, pointless aches in my fingers and toes.  Indeed, summer just can't get here soon enough... 



  1. LOL... Your brother has issues... but you knew that!  Oh how cool!  You get to meet Scalzi!  I have to check that link and see if he comes near us...  My son views him as a god because he wrote 2 Uncle John's books.   He ranks just under George Lucas!


    be well,

  2. Your brother is strange. I can see why you'd like him. ;O)

  3. He ain't acomin to Canada. I think he's afeeared of us.

  4. On the other hand your brother could be considered a distraction from a rather boring day...........Me? I would start charging him. Your going to the store?? Can you bring me back 2 Fresh limes for the one aged one you just confiscated from my frig. Worth a thought.. (Hugs) Indigo

  5. My brother just wants money.......... :-(