Monday, April 23, 2007

As a Matter of Fact, I'm Not Dead...

Mop... mop... mop...       
    Ahhh...  Spring.

    After the Winter That Would Not Die, I seem to have forgotten that my basement leaks like a sieve.  Fortunately, the other day, I scampered out and bought a spankin' new 42 quart, commercial-grade Rubbermaid mop bucket (with the wringer), and a white cotton cut-end mop. 
    I named my new mop Justice, and it slays the worthless little sponge-mop thing I used to use.  So, when the April showers arrive, I'm loaded for bear this year, and I am looking forward to dry ankles. 

    Anyway, thanks for the patience and understanding during my blogging hiatus.  I'll admit, I was surprised and somewhat overwhelmed at the amount of emails I received expressing concern, and I'm sorry for giving you all any cause to worry.  I just needed to step away to do a bit of catching up on the offline writing work that was piling up like dirty dishes in a crack-house kitchen sink. 

    I had a nice little break.  I didn't really do too much other than hole up and scribble like a freak whose mind was possessed with the echoes of silent words bouncing off the walls of his thick skull.  But it was fun to see just how far my imagination could take me.  And, there were more than a few nights where I powered down my little laptop to scratch my head and think what in the hell was that all about?

    Now, it seems like the world has gone to hell in a handbasket since I stepped away, and I honestly have no idea where to begin.  It's like staring into a bowl of mixed nuts trying to figure out which one I want to pick first.  So, I may just toss them aside and start fresh and new from here on out.  Whatever happened has happened, and though some of it has been good, a great deal of it has been heartbreaking in its sadness. 

    One thing that I just learned today is that Stephanie BamBam is no longer with AOL, and I am somewhat stunned by that.  Our conversations were always fun, and I am certainly going to miss them.  And, I am definitely going to miss her wisdom and insights.  She helped me pick out a laptop whichhas since almost doubled in price from the time I bought it.  And, when I was looking for a new digital camera, she was the first person I turned to for any advice. 
    So, Bamster!  I'm gonna miss ya bunches. 

    I also need to thank Cinzano for encouraging my wasabi pea addiction.  I loved the care package.  I tore through those and the sesame choco-burgers with the gluttony of Godzilla tossing handfuls of sushi bars into his mouth as he trundles his way through downtown Tokyo.

    Anyway, I need to scamper and either have a late-lunch or a comically early dinner.  So, if I have any readers left, please feel free to leave a comment and let me know what's going on in your world.  I've tried to keep up with my alerts, but it's been difficult.  So, if you've got an entry in your blog or journal with news and whatnots, leave a link to it. 



  1. OMG... it's true!!!!  You are back!!!  Yay!!  I do have a little drama going on... email me and I will explain.  

    I am glad you are back... I need to laugh... big time!

    be well,

  2. So, you couldn't fully resist us?  yeah, yeah, when you posted pretty often, almost got a daily fix ofDan, then poof, I did wonder.  The won't make it into headline news, is that the neighborhood cherry blossom trees are puffing out great pink pompoms right about now ("the" downtown festival stuff is done, enjoyed for the first time ever by M and I, including some great food).  Dance recitals coming up, eh, somehow all that extraneous writing I've been doing can be summarized mostly as "life goes on."   That's a good thing, for you,too.  Glad it's gone well for you.  Don't start reminding us of the shut-in from the t.v. show October Road.  -- Robin    

  3. Hiya Dan, Welcome back.  You mean you NEVER bought that shop-vac??? I missed ya poop-head.

  4. Hi Dan, welcome back. That novel must be finished by now and the sequel on it's way.

  5. Hi !!!!!!

    Its nice to know that your not dead and that your still with us. A lot of people like myself missed you. You always manage to make me laugh. Here's some news for you -- I recently celebrated my 31st birthday shocker huh ??? I can't believe I'm 31. I was wondering where you were. I kept coming to your journal and wondered what had happened to you. I thought you had fell into a vat of bacon grease or something ha,ha,ha,ha,ha,

    I hope your writing is coming along. I hope that you were able to catch up on things. I have been pretty busy at work, the weather in Georgia has heated up quite a bit pretty soon it will be time for all of our Winter clothes to be hidden aways in the far recesses of our closets and for our shorts to reappear after their long hibernation. I am still eating plentry of junk food and chocolate. I have also been stock piling up on my book reading.

    Anywho.....I'm glad your back. Here is my link in case you might want to drop in and say hello ----------->
    Please feel free to pop in and say a few words. Welcome Back !!!!!!!!

  6. Hey Dan! Glad you had time to get some writing done.
    I thought I was living drama-free here in Buttholeville but alas...
    That's life!

  7. Welcome back, I like so many others have missed my daily dose of Dan's somewhat unique take on life.
    I hope you are back for good, my little boy was born  in february & since then it seems I have been constantly exhausted & could definitely do with a good laugh each day. That's not to say my life has been bad since the birth of my son, quite the opposite but having a baby to look after is very tiring!!

  8. Wait a were gone? ;) Just kidding. Welcome back, and be sure to make the most of that fresh start.

  9. You were sorely missed ... welcome back.

  10.     I'm glad to see that you haven't decided to hang up your journal.  I am always entertained by what you have to say, and seeing as how I ran out of words to write in my own, I have more time to read these days.  I'm hoping that, one day, I will get inspired enough to write again, but in the mean time, I am depending on you to keep me informed and supply me with a good laugh  =).  Thanks in advance.   Tina ( formerly of: )

  11. I was kinda wonderin', at that.  Glad you're still among the living.  Seems like several in j-land took a little time off recently to do some "real" writing.

  12. (Standing here shuffling my feet back and forth, giving you the eye.....) Hmm, not a word, hi, I'm alive or anything in all this time..............Sigh! guess I won't hang you out to dry, apparently you "needed" the absentee time-out. On the other hand I can't be completely sour at you dear one. In your absence Dawn, Cin and I have bonded in friendship as well as few others. I'll give you some time to get on your feet......but you do know payback is in the works right???? LOL be well hon!
    (Hugs) Indigo

  13. I know i rarely comment here but I got so worried I emailed Scalzi and asked if he knew what happened to you! Geez...

    glad you are ok and going to read and catch up now!..

  14. youngest was about to start KINDERGARTEN! I thought we wouldn't hear from you until I had to bail one of them out of jail for the first time. Glad to hear you are still on the right side of the dirt. Missed ya lots. TONS of awesome nonesense is going on here, I'll give you an update later. I'm off AOL too. Went over to Myspace like a lil' lemming. But I'll check back here for my daily doase of AWESOMENESS.
    Lurrrv ya pookie!

  15. Good Gawd In Where Ever, Your alive!
    'Bout time.
    I was thinking some big piece of Wisconsin cheese goobled you up.
    Or a beer attack.
    Good to see you back!

  16. Ya lost a reader and you gained one.......... Gaz ;-) And I just LOVE wasabi peas!

  17. Good to know you have not yet departed this world!  When you toss those nuts, throw me the pecans!  -  Barbara