Thursday, April 26, 2007

Bad Form, Old Bean. Bad Form.

It's all beans..
    Here's a picture of Hugh Grant throwing a container of baked beans at a photographer.  A friend of mine sent me this picture today and said that it reminded her of my softball game (only reversed because I'm left-handed). 

    Apparently, I throw like Hugh Grant.  And, unfortunately, Hugh Grant throws like a girl.  So, to follow that particular syllogism, I'm sorry Hugh, but we've seriously got to work on that arm of yours, old chap.  If I'm going to be compared to you in the future, please...  let's butch it up a bit, okay?

    I see a lot of potential, thankfully, and his form's not half-bad.  In fact, I'd even go so far as to say that he, like me, either throws like a very masculine woman, or a very feminine man.   The arm's in a good spot, but the shoulder is all out of whack.  Hugh needs to learn to step into the throw.  And, there's no way he could ever throw a successful slider into a photographer's giblets with his thumb being where it is.  You're just begging for Tommy John surgery with a throw like that. 

*update*   I've been informed by a loyal reader via email that the object Hugh Grant is holding in his left hand is, in fact, the keys to the only remaining unlocked chastity belt in the greater Cardiff area --currently being worn by a very frustrated intern at the BBC. 


  1. What's that he has in his other hand?

  2. Good Grief!! If that's the case then I throw better than both of you put together lol!!
    Then again I had a brother who practiced Nin jit su and taught me how to throw a dagger and a small hatchet (winks). (Hugs) Indigo

  3. Let's think about this...
    Hugh Grant's rap sheet looks a bit like this:

    arrested for soliciting pleasure of the oral persuasion from Divine Brown.

    arrested for throwing baked beans at a photographer.

    what an animal... and you EXPECT he throw like a man?

    For God's sake he's BRITISH.

  4. Pleasure of the Oral Persuasion?!?  

    Talk dirty to me, baby!  


  5. Geez...look at think about this...the scene is him & Colin Firth fighting in the fountain in the 2nd Bridget you remember that? They were like slapping each other. Ha! Actually, I think it is great he did that. Well I'm not for aggression at all but you know what those papparazzi do is aggression so in my opinion he is defending himself! And geez I wish it was just something sewage trash or used cat litter! HA!

  6. LOL... actually Hugh and you are cute... in that baseball hat way... I see the resemblance...

    be well,

    ps... It is just so great to have you back.  Thank you.

  7. Hi !!!!!!!!

    I am so glad you shared this entry. I love Hugh Grant especially as an actor. His movies are always funny. I love seeing every movie he's in. I wish I could have been there to see him throw that container at a photographer. I would like to see his new movie he's starring in with Drew Barrymore. I especially loved him in the movie "Love Actually" he was quite funny in that movie. Thanks for sharing this. Take care.

  8. I just hope that wuss of a photographer took those beans right upside his head.  And that he had to walk around London reaking of them.  Tina

  9. What a waste of baked beans they are a staple of the Great British fry up! All Hugh is famous for was getting a blow job by some hooker in the back of a limo. He can't act his way out of a can of beans!

  10. He's English...of course he throws like a pussy. He doesn't grow up watching baseball. I bet he can't run into a guy and knock him over, either.... no (American) football.

    If you read enough regimental history, you'll find that Brits were immediately impressed with the abilities of even the rawest American recruits to hurl grenades amazing distances. Before we jumped into the war ourselves, any Yank that enlisted in the Brit army was immediately put into the grenadiers. There was near 100% certainty that this ability was baseball-borne.

  11. WWI regimental history*