Wednesday, April 26, 2006


    Finally!  Thanks to the good, capable folks at Milwaukee PC, I can now put on my happy-face and dance around like I've got no bones.  Trust me.  That's a very good thing after a month spent hunched over a keyboard pecking like Quasimodo at a cathedral cockroach.   
    I've missed the tiny letters of my laptop screen.  They always made me feel like a giant.  It's like grabbing a little bottle of gin from a hotel mini-bar and wondering for a moment if the world had suddenly shrunk, or if I somehow turned into a giant.  Everything just looks so small.   
    In other news, it's nice to see that The Adventures of the Flat Scalzi are now menacing our good neighbors to the North as he's up in Canada.  Let's hope that after all is said and done, the planet's longest peaceful border remains (let's all hope that Paul's predicament is temporary and that he regains his spacial relevance soon, huh?).   
    Nonetheless, it's clear I've got lots of catching-up to do (right after my much-needed trip to the chiropractor). 


  1. i missed you.

  2. Welcome back, evil twin.

  3. the chiropractoe! EKKKKK!