Friday, April 7, 2006

Done. For a loooong while, methinks.


    Well, it seems that in replacing the power jack, the brilliant computer wizards at the aforementioned Computer Repair Specialists have now fried out the mother board on my $2,000 Sony Vaio laptop.  Wonderful!  I have no idea how it went from replacing a power jack to a complete and total annihilation of my entire machine.

    Oh well, eh?  What can ya do?  I mean, at least they could have sent flowers after screwing the living hell out of me. 

    So, for now, this is the end of this blog.  I hope you've all enjoyed my ramblings, and I hope to find my way back here before too long.  But, thank you all for stopping by, and I can't thank you enough for the many wonderful comments and great feedback you've given me. 

     As for this scribbler, it's time to put pen to paper and re-spool the battered old Smith Corona with a fresh ribbon.  Buy stock in White-Out. 

See ya,



  1. Dan,

    It's obviously time to contact your consumer reporter at your local t.v. station. Those guys can do wonders about getting the right action accomplished for you. If not writing off your loss, then replacing your computer. Wisconsin, I don't think, is generally known as "The Land of Rip Off Artists". Get moving! Get back! We'll  miss you. Temporarily, OK!

  2. huh?..So how did you put down the words?

  3. Holy cow.  Bummer.  Mrs. L

  4. So you're telling me you're going to let a little thing like a fried mother board keep you from blogging?

  5. Dan,
    First I have a Sony Vaio laptop, so reading your issues gave me numb like chills throughout. I hope they fix it and soon.

    I hope, that soon enough I will get one of those 'alert me as entries are posted emails' showing me that you are back.

    Try not to stay away too long, you will be missed. Wishing you well!

  6. Ah, Dan .... I hardly knew ye !  Hurry back.  I wanna read more.   Tina

  7. everyone i've ever loved has abandoned me.


    come visit.