Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Old-School Bloggin'

    Okay...  Now, it may not be as wicked as the picture suggests, but it's not far off.  I mean, do you have any idea how tough it is to post blog entries which were written by an arthritic old hand on a legal pad?   I tried everything.  I took the phone off the hook, called one of the AOL dial up numbers, and rubbed the pages over the receiver to no avail.  Apparently, that whole AOL-by-Phone thing has some limits (I suppose I should bring this up with Editor Joe, eh?).

    Once that failed, I turned to my voodoo friend Louey.  We put the pile of pages in the center of the room, chanted, tossed out some chicken bones, and sipped some Jagermeister because technology just works better that way, and though some comments did trickle in, I'm not sure if it worked completely.  But, if any of you did find yourselves laughing for absolutely no reason, there's a chance that either you got my posts across the supernatural ether, or you're just plain barking mad.  Either way, it's nice to know you were smiling.

    It's interesting.  I got my laptop home from the shop, hooked it up, and I found myself somewhat leery to turn it on.  "What if I break it again?" I found myself thinking.  "What if it explodes?  And, just how much porn did those grubby knuckled techno-monkeys download onto this thing?" 

    Fortunately, all is well and shiny in the world, and this puppy fired up without a hitch.  Well...  almost.  The light that indicates my caps-lock key is on doesn't seem to work anymore, but I can settle for that.  I don't really need a light to notice that I am typing in capital letters.  i'M NOT ONE OF those WEIRD PEOPLE. 

    Anyway, it's good to be back, but right now, I must scamper into the woods to forage for my Atkins'-friendly dinner of grubs and berries. 




  1. I'vE aLwAyS wOnDeReD wHaT tHaT LiGhT wAs FoR.

  2. (((Welcome Back , Dan!)))0 ..( errr,,are those tire treads on your back?!!!!Lol!)

  3. U are funny. I have to read more of your entries lol